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The volume-weighted average price (VWAP) is one of the most famous indicators used by day traders. TDU VWAP not only shows you the vwap but also allows you to select up to 4 standard deviation bands.

1) VWAP with up/down coloring

The basic VWAP is drawn on the chart with up/down coloring. When VWAP is trending up it is colored green, when VWAP is trending down it Is colored red. And when VWAP is neutral then the color is white. Of course, you can change any of the colors to your liking

2) Up to 4 different standard deviation bands

Many traders add 1 or more standard deviation bands to the VWAP indicator. When price moves beyond 1-2 standard deviations away from VWAP it is very likely that price will return to the mean (VWAP). This makes these standard deviation bands a good spot to be looking for trades. With TDU VWAP you can add up to 4 different standard deviation bands and customize them as you wish.

Key Features

  • Session VWAP 
  • Up/downslope coloring
  • Up to 4 different standard deviation bands
  • Fully Customizable
  • Works on any market
  • Works on any timeframe