I get a warning when I add the indicator to my chart ?

When using the 5-day free trial:

This is normal for the 5-day free trial. So if you have a 5-day free trial then just ignore it. The indicator(s) will work for 5 days anyway. 


When you bought the indicator:

If you bought the indicator then please send us your NinjaTrader 8 machine id so we can setup your license. You can email your machine id to indicator-support@tradedevils.com 

Please watch the video below on where to find your machine id 


The indicator I bought stopped working ?

Sometimes it happens that your NinjaTrader 8 machine id changes. For example when you install windows updates, new drivers or change hardware components. In that case just email us your new machine id so we can move your license to your new id.


Where can I find more information about the indicators ?

You can read more about each indicator on this website. We also have a youtube channel where we upload video's. 

I cannot download / install the indicator ?

This is probably due to your virus scanner blocking the zip file. Turn your virus scanner off (temporarily) should fix it

I want to buy the indicator but I need multiple licenses since I'm trading from multiple pc's ?

A license is for 1 PC only. If you need multiple licenses then please contact us at indicator-support@tradedevils.com so we can see what we can do for you.

Do I need to pay a monthly fee ? 

No! all our indicators require a one-time fee only for a life-time license.  A license is for 1 PC only


How do I uninstall the old TDUSuite.exe ?

  • Close NinjaTrader
  • Start->Settings->Apps
  • Find TDU Suite in the list and click uninstall
  • Start NinjaTrader 8
  • New-> Ninja Script Editor
  • right click->references
  • remove the reference to TDUSuite.dll
  • hit compile


I have another question or problem. Please help ?

If you're question is not answered here then please visit tradedevils.com and use the online-support chat, or send use an email at indicator-support@tradedevils.com