Trend Fan Ribbon Indicator

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The Trend Fan indicator draws up to 12 moving averages with different lengths to show possible trend reversals, continuations, and pullbacks. A downtrend is confirmed when the price is below the fan, and an uptrend is confirmed when the price is above the fan. Pullbacks are easily recognized when price pulls back into the trend fan and the color of the trend fan does not change. You can choose from multiple 12 types of moving average like EMA, SMA, TMA, VMA, and others 

When all lines cross or when price pulls backs to the trend fan lines then that's a clear indication to open a new trade. The indicator can provide alerts and plots arrows on the screen

Trend fan indicator


  • Plots up to 12 moving averages 
  • Easily spot the trend
  • Trade reversals when a big trend reverses
  • Easy spot and trade pullbacks with the trend
  •  12 different moving average types like SMA, WMA, VWMA, TMA, HMA, Mc Ginley, and many more
  • Support for filled backgrounds
  • Alerts when the trend changes
  • Up/down Arrows when the trend changes
  • User-definable periods for each of the 12 MA lines
  • Works on any market (Futures, Crypto, Forex, Options, Stock,...)
  • Works on any time frame
  • Works on any bar type (time, tick, volume, range bars, Renko, and more)