Renko and UniRenko Suite

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The TDU Renko is a complete Renko trading suite including all the indicators needed to trade Renko. Besides the Renko bar chart, it includes the unique Renko brick size calculator, the Renko status lines, the Renko paint bars, and the TDU order module


  • Mean renko
  • Uni Renko
  • Renko Paintbars
  • Renko status line
  • Renko Order module

Renko paint bars

Momentum-based Renko bar coloring showing you if we are in the beginning of a trend, at the end of a trend, or in a pullback.

Renko status lines

The Renko status lines will show you the price level(s) where the next Renko bar will be formed.

Renko brick size calculator

This small handy indicator will show in real-time what is the most optimal Renko brick size to use depending on the volatility of the market/instrument. So no more guessing and always using the correct Renko brick size.

TDU order

One of the best order placement indicators. It allows you to place a limit order to buy (or sell) at the open of the next Renko bar with just one mouse click. Fully supports ATMs and even allows you to specify the # of ticks offset from the next Renko bar open.

Key Features

  • Complete Renko trading suite
  • Includes a Renko brick size calculator showing you which Renko brick size to use
  • Includes Renko paintbars
  • Includes Renko status lines to see where the next Renko brick will be shown
  • Includes TDU order to quickly place orders
  • Works on any instrument
  • Works on any timeframe