News indicator (Sierra Chart)

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1. Overview

Whether you are a fundamental or technical trader news events are always important. During news events, we often see huge volatility in price. With the TDU News Indicator, you won't make the mistake of accidentally opening or being in a trade when an important news event is incoming. All news is shown in a clearly condensed table and also as vertical lines on your chart. You can choose to hide low and/or medium impact news and even filter out news events that are not important to your trading.

2. Settings

2.1 Show low/medium/high impact news

The first 3 settings are pretty self-explanatory. They allow you to either show or hide low, medium, and/or high-impact news.

2.2  Offset from GMT in hours

Here you can specify your local time offset. All news events are dated in GMT.

Note that the indicator uses your chart time.

Not your local PC time. So if your charts are on GMT-4 then just put -4 in here

2.3 Ignore

Here you can choose to ignore one or more countries. For example, if you are not interested in news events for CHF and JPY you can turn them off by entering CHF, JPY here. Note that you need to separate multiple items with a comma(,)

2.4 Show Table

If enabled then the news table will be shown, when disabled it will be hidden

2.6 Hide past events

When enabled any news events which already happened will not be shown on the chart. When enabled, old news events will be shown on the chart 


4. Key Features

  • Show upcoming news events in the table and on the chart
  • Choose if you want to see low, medium, or high impact news or any combination
  • Filter out and hide news you are not interested in it.
  • Works on any instrument
  • Works on any timeframe



7. Media