Multi Timeframe Moving Average

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Multi timeframe moving average

Many traders are monitoring multiple timeframes in their trading to get a better picture of where the market is heading for. For example, if you are trading a 5 min chart you might want to monitor the 15 min and 60 min timeframes as well. If all timeframes are bullish then you only want to look for long trades. Vice versa if the trend in all timeframes is bearish you would only look for short trades.

This indicator allows plots a moving average from another timeframe on the current chart. For example, in the screenshot above you see a  1 hour EMA-50 and a 15-min EMA-50 plotted on a 5min chart.

You can choose from up to 13 different moving average types and of course, you can select the timeframe which should be used


Custom timeframe and moving average type

Adding a moving average from another timeframe is easy. Just select the time frame you want, the moving average type & period that's it.

Multi timeframe moving average

Supports 13 Moving average types

12 different moving average types


  • Displays higher timeframe moving average
  • Choose from 12 different moving average types
  • Specify timeframe bar period and value
  • optionally slope coloring
  • works on any market
  • works with any bar type
  • works on any timeframe
  • works on any NinjaTrader version 


29 jan 2023 1.0.02

  • added mcginley moving average
  • added option to specify how many bars to load from a higher timeframe
  • switched to the new licensing server

12 June 2021 1.0.01

  • initial release



Multi timeframe moving averageMulti timeframe moving averageMulti timeframe moving average