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Need help?

We understand you might have a lot of questions when you start testing and using our indicators. To help you out to better understand each indicator we are always trying to improve the documentation. At Trade Devils indicators we put a lot of time and effort into creating videos for each of our indicators.  Each indicator on this website has at least one video explaining all the ins- and outs. And some of them even have multiple videos. 

Watch existing documentation  first

So if you want to learn more about a specific indicator then please make sure to watch and read all the existing documentation first. Chances are high that your question is already answered. So simply

  1. Select the products menu on this website
  2. Click on the indicator you want to know more about
  3. Watch the available video's
  4. and read the rest of the product page in which we explain all of the details.

This should already answer almost any question you can think of. 

(here's an example on the PATS indicator )


Private mentoring & training

Now if you need additional training / mentoring on how to trade specific indicators then you can book a mentoring session. A session last 30-mins and costs $100 


  • 30mins Private mentoring / training session
  • On any indicator or trading package
  • We will answer any question you might have