Measured Move Indicator (SierraChart)

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The 'measured move' is a common pattern repeatedly found across every market and time frame.  It is used by many great traders like Sam Eels, Tim Racette, and David Halsey

Using key price swings, measured moves can be recognized in the market when price makes a 50% - 61.8% retracement followed by a move to the -23.6% target in the same direction as the previous price movement. 

Spotting evidence of these price movements is easy when you look, but for traders focusing on every aspect of their strategy, keeping in tune with which measured moves are in play across multiple timeframes is a time-consuming process.  The TDU Measured Move indicator removes the need for you to do this extra work by showing you which measured moves in the past remained unbroken and reached their -23.6% target, allowing you to find confluence across multiple timeframes and anticipate which measured move is more likely to come next.

Note that this indicator only shows completed measured moves. It does not show any measured moves which are building / in progress. You can not use this indicator by itself to determine a trade entry. We use the measured move indicator to determine the direction in which we want to trade. Next, we combine it with the TDU Autofibs indicator to get the exact trade entry in real-time!

Key Features

  • Automatically find and draw all measured moves which hit their target.
  • Optionally draw measured moves that failed to hit their target
  • Works on any instrument
  • Works on any timeframe