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The force index is a technical indicator that measures the amount of power used to move the price in a trend. The term and its formula were developed by psychologist and trader Alexander Elder and published in his 1993 book Trading for a Living.

We took the original Force Index indicator and upgraded it to the next level
Force index pro Ninjatrader 8

Choose from 12 different moving average types

The original force index used a standard EMA for its calculation. We extended this so you can choose any of the 12 different moving average types including the WMA and VWMA

Force index movering average tyoes


The indicator can give you an audible alert when the histogram crosses the 0-line

Alerts force index indicator


Paint bars

when enabled this paints all bars so you can clearly see how much effort is made to push the trend forward

Force index paint bars


  • Measures the amount of power used to move the price in a trend
  • 12 different moving average types
  • Paint bars
  • Alerts
  • Works on timeframe
  • Works on any market (futures, forex, crypto, stock, options, etc)
  • Works on any bar-type (time, tick, volume, range, Renko, etc...)



  • a added McGinley moving average
  • fixed issue with multiple alerts / bar


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  • includes free future updates

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Force index pro Ninjatrader 8