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1. The Devils Volume

The devils volume indicator for NinjaTrader 8


The Devils Volume is an extended volume indicator. Besides the usual up/down volume this indicator will show you high volume candles when the volume is 150% or 200% higher than the previous candles. Of course, you can customize the coloring of these high-volume bars to your liking. Optionally the candles on the chart can be highlighted when a high-volume bar occurs

The indicator can also show liquidity zones. These zones or pools are places where a lot of liquidity can be found. We often see price retracing to these zones during a trend in the form of pullbacks.


2. High volume bars based on 3 user-defined standard deviation levels

The indicator will show high volume bars where the volume exceeds one of the 3 user-defined standard deviation bands. You can choose your own colors of course, but these are the default colors:


3. Churn bars

Devils Volume Churn bars

Churn bars happen when there is relatively a lot of volume, but little price movement. Often we see these churn bars happening when price fails to make a new low or high even though a lot of volumes is pushed into it trying to force the new high or low


4. Liquidity zones

Liquidity zones

The indicator can draw liquidity zones on the chart when there is a lot of volumes put into a single candle. Often these zones are pools are visited and retest later on during a pullback before price can continue to trend higher (or lower)


5. Features

  • Shows high volume bars when the volume is above one of the 3 user-defined standard deviation bands 
  • Draws liquidity zones
  • Show up to 3 standard deviation bands
  • Show churn bars
  • Paint bars
  • Any timeframe
  • Any market

6. Changelog

01 jun 2022 v1.0.0.4

  • Added new option to specify up to 3 standard deviation bands



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