Devils Edge Indicator

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The Devil's Edge is a super-charged version of the popular MACD. By nature the MACD is a trend following indicator, the difference with the TDU Devil's Edge is that this indicator works to minimize the false signals that are so common with the standard MACD.

As most traders will know, using the MACD signal lines offers information on when to enter or exit a trade. The Devil's Edge gives you the same detail but in addition, extra information is added to help filter weak or false signals, giving you the confidence to take advantage of stronger trading opportunities while keeping you out of riskier trades.

Key Features

  • Supercharged MACD
  • Trend following
  • Combines 5 different indicators into one
  • Shows volatility with its bollinger bands
  • Shows congestion/squeeze on the center line with yellow dots
  • - Dynamic overbought/oversold lines
  • Shows buy/sell signals on the chart