Crazy TMA Bands Scalper (NinjaTrader)

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Crazy TMA Bands Scalper Ninjatrader 8


1. Overview

The Crazy TMA Bands Scalper is a complete trading system for scalping renko bars. The indicator gives very accurate buy/sell signals and shows them on your chart in a very nice way and keeps your chart uncluttered.

Beautifully designed 

The indicator uses well-known TMA bands to draw visually very nice and appealing bands. As you can see these create beautiful, uncluttered, and very clear charts

Crazy accurate, non-repainting buy/sell signals

Now some of you might say that the TMA bands are repainting and you are correct. The bands themselves are repainting indeed.  That is just how TMA bands work, they repaint for the last Half Length bars. And until now this was a big problem since in hindsight they always looked great. But when real live trading.. things were very different

After lots of research & development, we found a way to get around this. Sure the bands will still repaint.. But the trade signals our indicator gives will never repaint 

As you can see from the screenshots shown on this page the signals given by this indicator are crazy. That is why we called it the Crazy TMA Bands Scalper


2. Settings

Crazy TMA Bands Scalper settings

The indicator just has a few settings and the defaults should be good to get you started in any market.  

2.1 ATR Type

Here you can specify if you want to use the ATR indicator which comes with NinjaTrader, or whether you would like to use the TDU ATR indicator which is optimized for day trading. The built-in ATR indicator which comes with NinjaTrader does not handle gaps very well and is very choppy. That is why we decided to improve it to make it more useful for daytraders. The TDU ATR indicator handles gaps and is smoothed. We always suggest using the TDU ATR

2.2 ATR Period & ATR Multiplier

These settings are used to define the TMA bands. 

The ATR multiplier specifies how wide the bands will be. Smaller numbers will give narrower bands and more trading signals. Higher numbers will widen the bands and give fewer trading signals.

The ATR Period specified the number of bars used to calculate the ATR for the bands

2.3 Half Length

The Half length specifies the number of bars used to smooth out the bands. This is also the part that repaints. A higher number will cause a more smoothed band, and a lower number will mean less smoothing

Note that ONLY the bands will be repainting and ONLY for the last number of bars set up by the Half Length setting. The Trade signals NEVER repaint!!!

 2.4 Show buy/sell signals

With this setting, you can turn on/off the Buy/Sell signals on the chart


2.5 Percentage

This setting is used for generating the buy/sell signals. A buy/sell signal is generated when prices come close to the upper or lower band.The percentage specified by this setting specifies how close price should be to the band for a signal to be created


3. Alerts

Crazy TMA Bands Scalper settings

4. Bloodhound / Strategy Support

The Crazy TMA Bands scalper perfectly is perfectly fitted to be used from strategies and bloodhound. Below you can see a simple bloodhound temple (which you can download here )

We used this template and our Bloodhound Statistics Indicator to get detailed statistics on how this strategy performs.  In this example, we placed our stop loss above/under the candle hi/low and used a 1:2 risk/reward ratio. Note that this is unoptimized and not curve-fitted. 

Over 427 trades during 19 days, this simple bloodhound strategy made $12404 and even better.. the biggest loss was just $-319


Bloodhound statistics Crazy TMA Scalper

Bloodhound statistics for Crazy TMA BAnds Scalper

5. Features

  • Complete trading system for scalping renko's
  • Clear buy/sell signals
  • Alerts
  • Full support for bloodhound, ninja script strategy builder, and strategies
  • Works on any market
  • Works on any timeframe
  • Works best on (median) Renko bars

6. ChangeLog

7 October 2022 v1.0.0.1

  • fixed a problem when trying to import the indicator in ninjatrader

3 October 2022 v1.0.0.0

  • first release

8. Media

Crazy TMA Bands Scalper Ninjatrader 8Crazy TMA Bands Scalper Ninjatrader 8Crazy TMA Bands Scalper Ninjatrader 8