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Most Fibonacci traders are aware of the important 50%, 61.8%, 65%, and -23.6% are very important Fibonacci levels. Traders like Sam from TradeDevils, Tim from eminimind and David Halsey from eminiaddict based their entire trading strategies on those Fibonacci levels.  These levels often act as key support/resistance levels used to anticipate potential price movements, market turning points, and points of profit-taking.


As traders who use retracements as part of their core strategy will acknowledge, manually drawing and redrawing these retracements all the time is a cumbersome and repetitive task. Not only that but it's easy to overlook or miss important levels particularly when you are searching for confluence across multiple timeframes.

The TDU Auto Fib indicator makes Fibonacci trading much simpler by automatically identifying and drawing all the relevant Fibonacci retracements for you. Not only that but tick by tick, the indicator will keep your fibs updated in real-time helping you focus only on the most important levels while you trade.

A problem many Fibonacci traders face is being able to keep their charts clean and readable. As you build up your retracements across different timeframes, your chart can quickly become cluttered making it difficult to understand. To attempt to solve this we have added the Fibonacci cluster setting allowing you to draw the most relevant Fibonacci levels on the right end of the chart allowing you to hide all those unnecessary 'on chart' retracement lines, making your chart clean again. Of course, you can always quickly turn the retracements on/off again using the relevant keyboard shortcuts.

Key Features

  • Automatically finds and draws all relevant Fibonacci retracements in real-time
  • Automatically hides retracement which is 'broken' in real-time
  • Option to show a Fibonacci cluster on the right end of the chart to avoid any line clutter
  • Quickly show/hide retracements using ALT+F keyboard shortcut
  • Quickly show/hide fib. cluster using ALT+C keyboard shortcut
  • Works on any instrument
  • Works on any timeframe