How to activate /renew your license(s)

Your contact id

Step 1:

Please download & import the TDU License Addon in NinjaTrader (via Tools->Import NinjaScript Addon)


Step 2: 

Open NinjaTrader and choose New->TradeDevils Licenses



Step 3:

Fill in your email address you used for buying the indicators and your contact id (see above). Then click on the Authorize button to load all your orders.

Please note that authorizing and loading your orders can take a few seconds


Step 4

If all went well you should now you should see all the indicators you bought.

See example below:



Select the checkboxes of the indicators you want to license on this PC and then click the Update licenses button


Again updating the licenses may take a few seconds.. please be patient

When done, restart Ninjatrader and all licenses should now be ok