Unfilled gap indicator

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On most days we see the market gapping up or down. A gap occurs when the market opens above or below the previous day's close. When this happens the market always has a tendency to close this gap. Most but not all of these gaps are filled within 1 trading session. Some though might take days, weeks, or months before they get filled.

A trader which knows where the next unfilled gaps are has a clear advantage in the market. Since probability tells us that the market will always try to close the gap whenever possible we can set up a clear trading plan if the market is within range of the next gap.

The Unfilled Gap Indicator shows all unfilled (and optionally filled) gaps. It allows you to never miss a gap that was created days or weeks ago. Unfilled gaps are presented as red lines on your chart from the point they were created to the present time. Filled gaps (if this option is enabled) are presented as brown lines on your chart, from the point they were created to the point they were filled.

Key Features

  • how filled & unfilled gaps
  • Show trading sessions
  • Works on any instrument
  • Works on any timeframe