Trend Waves Indicator

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1. Overview


The trend waves indicator makes trending trends and reversals much easier.  At first glance, it looks a bit like a Keltner channel, but it actually is very different. The indicator can be used by trend traders looking to trade the next pullback with the trend, but also by reversal traders. 

1.1 Custom coded center-line indicating the trend

At the base, we see a color-coded center line which indicates if the trend is up, down, or flat. This centerline has been custom programmed and is not a simple moving average. Notice how it stays flat when the market is choppy and starts moving up or down when markets start trending. This alone helps you to stay out of those tricky choppy markets where lots of traders give back all the money they earned earlier.


2. ATR based outer bands

Next, we see 2 outer bands. These bands are placed at a user-defined ATR offset from the trendline. So when volatility picks up and the market starts swinging more wildly these bands will move further away from the centerline. And when the market is more relaxed we will see that the bands move closer to the centerline.

3. ATR based width of outer bands

Also, the width of the outer bands is based on the ATR. So again when market volatility picks up we will see that the bands will become wider. And when market volatility returns back to normal then the bands will shrink again

Trend waves 1

02. Settings

The indicator settings are surprisingly simple

2.1. Period

This specifies the period used for the trend line

2.2 ATR Period

This specifies the ATR period for the following two multipliers

2.3 ATR Multiplier offset

this specifies the distance between the middle trend line and the outer bands in terms of the ATR

2.4 ATR Multiplier width

This specifies the width of the outer bands in terms of the ATR

Trend wave settings

03. Alerts

The indicator can give alerts when the trend changes from bearish to bullish or vice versa. Simply enable the alerts, choose a sound and sit back and relax. The indicator will notify you when a trend change occurs 

Trendwaves alerts

04. Bloodhound/Strategy support

Trend waves plots

05. Features

  • Clearly identifies trend
  • ATR based bands which can be used for trading reversals and pullbacks
  • Allows different color styling for all 4 different levels 
  • Supports for bloodhound/strategies
  • Alerts
  • Works on any market
  • Works on any timeframe
  • Works on any bar type
  • Works on any NinjaTrader version 

06. Changelog

18-dec -2021 v1.0.0.0

  • First released


08. Media

Trend waves indicatorTrend waves indicatorTrend waves indicatorTrend waves indicator