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The Trend Magic indicator is a very popular trend indicator. It comes from the forex world where it's used by many traders. Trend Magic Indicator is a combination of Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and Average True Range (ATR). That is how it plots the trend signals and identifies the possible market entry areas within the trend.

We took this basic idea of the indicator and supercharged it in many ways by adding trading signals, statistics, alerts, and a ATR volatility based band

Trend Magic Indicator NinjaTrader


ATR based channel bandwidth

The SSL channel can optionally be widened by applying an ATR-based multiplier. When the ATR multiplier is set to 0 the band has its original width determined by the 2 moving averages. By increasing the multiplier to for example 0.5, 1, 2, or more you can widen the SSL channel to your liking

Widen or Shrink bands based on a ATR multipler


Real-time trading statistics

The indicator calculates the trading statistics for each historical trade setup in real-time. The stop loss and target used can be changed in the indicator settings. This gives the trader a quick and easy way to find the optimal target and stop-loss settings for a particular market and or timeframe

Alerts & Signals

The indicator provides the following trading  signals


Trend reversal signal

Trend Magic reversal signal NinjaTrader 8

This signal gets indicated by a red or blue R (depending on the trend) and occurs when a potential trend reversal occurs. 

Pullback signal

Trend Magic pullback signal NinjaTrader 8

This signal  gets indicated by a green PB and occurs when the price pulls back and closes inside the channel and then closes outside the channel

Both signals are shown on the chart in real-time and can give ninja trader alerts


Paint bars

Of course, you have the option to paint the candles in the color of the trend. 

The colors can be changed to your own liking

Trendmagic Indicator paintbars

Plots for automated strategies

The indicator exposes a Signal plot for people who want to build their own automated strategy based on this indicator. The signal plot can be used from ninja script, the strategy builder, and/or tools like Bloodhound

The values for the Trend plot are:

  • -1 trend is bearish
  • +1 trend is bullish

The values for the Signal plot are

  • -1 bearish trend reversal signal
  • +1 bullish trend reversal signal
  • -2 bearish pullback signal
  • +2 bullish  pullback signal 



  • Trend following
  • ATR-based channel.
  • Statistics showing win rate for each setup
  • Paint bars
  • Reversal signals
  • Pullback signals
  • Plots for strategy builders
  • Alerts
  • Supports Bloodhound
  • Works on any time frame
  • Works on any market (futures, crypto, stock, options)
  • Works with any bar type (time, Renko, tick, volume, range,..)
  • Works with any NinjaTrader version 


13-aug-2023 v1.0.0.5

  • fixed bug that indicator sometimes showed false short signals

10-oct-2022 v1.0.0.1

  • fixed bug that no signal was generated for reversal setups

14-may-2021 v1.0.0.0

  • first release 


Trend Magic Indicator NinjaTrader 8

Trend Magic Indicator NinjaTrader 8

Trend Magic Indicator NinjaTrader 8