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01. Overview

Round numbers are price levels where the price ends with a round number. E.g. price level 15000 or price level 5000. These big round-number price levels are very important price levels in the market. Everyone major player in the market will be watching these important price levels. Since so many traders are watching these price levels we often see a nice reaction when the market (re)tests these price levels.

For example last week the NQ reached the 15000 price level, and as you can see in the following screenshot we saw a strong reaction from it. This behavior where price bounces of these major price levels can be seen time and time again 

The round numbers indicator makes sure you never miss any of these important price levels. It will draw up the horizontal lines on your chart at the levels you want and in the color/styling, you like. It can even alert you when the price is hitting one of the price levels. 

It allows you to specify up to 4 different levels. E.g. it can draw horizontal lines when price hits the 50s, 100s, 500s, and 1000s price levels. Each level can have its own alert and color styling

NQ hitting the 15000 level

02. Display Up to 4 different levels

You can choose to display up to 4 different levels. Each level has its own step size in ticks. In the example below, you can see that the indicator will show a horizontal line every 400 ticks and every 4000 ticks. On ES (where 4 ticks = 1 point) this would mean that the indicator will draw a line for every 100 and 1000 price levels

If you would like to do the same on YM, then you would need to set the levels to 100 and 1000 Ticks settings.

(Reason for this is that on YM 1 tick equals 1 point, while on ES 4 ticks equals 1 point)

Round levels settings ninjatrader 8

03. Color styling

Each level can have its own color styling. For example, you could make the 1000 price levels more pronounced than the 100s levels

Round numbers color styling

04. Alerts

Each level can have its own alert and sound. You simply enable the alerts for the levels you would like to receive and select the sound files which should be played. The indicator will fire the alert in real-time when the price reaches one of those levels.

Note that the indicator will only fire the alert 1x per bar.

Round number alerts NinjaTrader 8

05. Bloodhound / strategy support

The indicator exports 2 plots which indicate the nearest round number above and below the current price. These can  be used inside strategies or tools like Bloodhound when creating your own algo

05. Features

  • Displays horizontal lines at important round numbers
  • Allows up to 4 user-defined levels (in ticks) (e.g. when price hits the 50s, 100s, 500s, and 1000 price levels)
  • Allows different color styling for all 4 different levels 
  • Optionally show price left/right or not
  • Supports Alerts for all 4 custom levels
  • Support for own strategies/bloodhound
  • Works on any market
  • Works on any timeframe
  • Works on any bar type
  • Works on any NinjaTrader version 

06. Changelog

24-feb-2023 v1.0.0.3

  • added 2 plots indicating nearest round number above and below current price which can be used in bloodhound or strategies

05-dec-2022 v1.0.0.1

  • Fixed issue when used on forex pairs

21-Aug-2021 v1.0.0.0

  • First released

08. Media

Round Numbers Indicator NinjaTrader 8Round Numbers Indicator NinjaTrader 8Round Numbers Indicator NinjaTrader 8Round Numbers Indicator NinjaTrader 8