Backtestable Median Renko and UniRenko Suite

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The TDU Renko is a complete Renko trading suite including all the indicators needed to trade and backtest Median and Uni Renko bars. Besides the median and uni Renko bars, it also comes with our unique Renko brick size calculator, the Renko status lines, the Renko paint bars, and the TDU order module.

Another unique feature is that our Renko bars are back testable and support tick replay. This means that finally, you can backtest your Renko bars strategies and get accurate results


  • (Backtestable) Median Renko bars
  • (Backtestable) Uni Renko bars
  • Renko Paintbars
  • Renko status lines
  • Renko Order module
  • Renko brick size calculator
  • Hollow candle chart style
  • Support for tick replay
  • Backtestable 

1. Renko paint bars

Momentum-based Renko bar coloring showing you if we are at the beginning of a trend, at the end of a trend, or in a pullback.

2. Renko status lines

The Renko suite comes with a small indicator which you can add to your chart. This small indicator will show you the exact price level(s) where the price has to go to create a new Renko bar.

3. Renko brick size calculator

One of the problems many Renko trades face is determining the optimal brick size for current market conditions. For example, when the market is very volatile you might want to use a bigger brick size. And when the market is moving more slowing a lower brick size might be better to trade. Meet our Renko Brick size calculator. This small handy indicator will show you the optimal Renko brick size to use for the current market conditions. That way there is no more guessing which Renko brick size to use and you are sure you are always using the correct Renko brick size.

4. TDU order module

One of the best order placement indicators. It allows you to place a limit order to buy (or sell) at the open of the next Renko bar with just one mouse click. Fully supports ATMs and even allows you to specify the # of ticks offset from the next Renko bar open.


5. Renko bar Tick replay support

The TDU Renko suite is one of the few median Renko bars which support tick replay. Tick replay is very important when you want to backtest automated strategies and/or use footprint charts that require tick replay to be enabled

 Ninjatrader Renko tick replay support


6. Backtestable Median Renko  and UniRenko bars

The problem with Renko bars is that normally they produce invalid results when backtesting your automated strategies. The reason for this is that both median and uni Renko bars have 'fake' open prices. Of course, these fake open prices are what allow you to filter out all the noise of the market and have a very clear picture of how price is developing. However many automated strategies are using the open price of a candle as part of the strategy. Therefore backtesting automated strategies with median or Uni Renko normally gives invalid results.

But with the TDU median and uni Renko suite, you are now finally able to backtest your strategies using the real open price of each Renko bar.

Below you can see the difference. On the left, we see the normal median Renko bars, and on the right the back testable median Renko

Backtestable mean renko bars ninjatrader 8


7. Changelog

31-05-2021 v1.0.1.1

  • Added support for tick replay
  • Added support for backtesting

8. Key Features

  • Complete median and Uni Renko trading suite
  • Renko brick size calculator showing you which Renko brick size to use
  • Renko paintbars
  • Renko status lines to see where the next Renko brick will be shown
  • TDU order module to quickly place orders
  • Supports backtesting median Renko and uni renko bars
  • Support for tick replay
  • Works on any instrument
  • Works on any timeframe
  • Works on any NinjaTrader license




Mean and Uni Renko for NInjatrader 8

Median renko

Mean and Uni renko bars NinjaTrader 8

Uni renko