Devil''s Friend Indicator

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1. Overview

The Devils Friend indicator is one of the best ways to enter or exit a trade. It allows you to simply attach your stop loss to the indicator lines and exit the trade when the price moves outside the average true range. Many traders use the ATR as a measure to place their stop-loss. This indicator will show you an ATR-based line that can be used to trail your stop-loss easily


2. Regular ATR or TDU ATR 


Within the indicator settings, you can choose between the standard ATR which comes with NinjaTrader, or the TDU ATR. The TDU ATR is optimized for  day trading by only looking at the bar ranges and by double smoothing the ATR

3. Clear buy/sell signals

Buy/sell signals

The indicator provides clear buy sell signals and can alert you when they occur 


4. Bloodhound/Strategy support

The indicator exports several plots you can use from your own strategies or bloodhound. You can download an example bloodhound template here

The indicator exports Long & Short plots which are 1 / -1 for long/short signals as shown in the screenshot below. It also exports the trailing ATR plot itself


trailing stop bloodhound i=


4. Alerts

The indicator can fire an audible alert when it detects a trend change

 Alert settings

5. Features

  • ATR-based trailing stop
  • Choose between Ninja or TDU Atr
  • Sell/buy signals
  • Fill bands
  • Alerts
  • Support for bloodhound/strategies/blackbird
  • Works on any chart
  • Works with any timeframe
  • Works with any market
  • Works with any NinjaTrader  version


6. Changelog

26-oct-2022 v1.0.0.4

  • Fixed saving settings to template

02-oct-2022 v1.0.0.3

  • Added option to fill bands
  • Added buy/sell signals
  • Added trend signal plot


8. Media

ATR Trailing stopATR Trailing stopATR Trailing stop