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The SSL Trend channel is a very popular trend indicator. It comes from the forex world where it's used by many traders. The indicator plots a channel that is based on 2 moving averages. The first moving average is using the high of each candle and the second moving average is using the low of each candle.

By using the low & high of the candles as a base for our moving average we get a trend channel that allows you to quickly recognize the trend and get into the trend easily.

We took this basic idea of the indicator and supercharged it in many ways by adding trading signals, statistics, alerts, the option to widen or shrink the bands, the option to choose any of the 13 different types of moving averages, and much more



1. Max. Potential Target lines

When a trade setup is a winner, meaning that it reached its target before hitting its stop loss, the indicator will trail & plots the maximum potential target (in ticks) for each trend reversal setup as shown in the screenshot below. This will the absolute maximum profit a trader could have made in theory.

However, note that it's unrealistic to think that a trader will be able to reach this for each and every trade. That is why it's up to the trader to use good exit techniques like trading multiple contracts and trailing his runners to get the most out of each trade. The indicator just shows you the potential profit one could make in theory.

SSL Channel Targets

2. 13 types of moving averages

The indicator allows you to choose one of the 13 different types of moving averages and specify the period for the selected moving average. This way you can fully customize which moving average you would like to use for the SSL Trend Channel

13 types of different moving averages


3. ATR based channel bandwidth

The SSL channel can optionally be widened by applying an ATR-based multiplier. When the ATR multiplier is set to 0 the band has its original width determined by the 2 moving averages. By increasing the multiplier to for example 0.5, 1, 2, or more you can widen the SSL channel to your liking

Widen or Shrink bands based on a ATR multipler


4. Real-time statistics

The indicator calculates the trading statistics for each historical trade setup in real-time. The stop loss and target used can be changed in the indicator settings. This gives the trader a quick and easy way to find the optimal target and stop-loss settings for a particular market and or timeframe. 

Note that the statistics are calculated on the maximum profit (or loss) a trader could make in theory for each trade setup. It's unrealistic to think that a trader will be able to reach this maximum profit for every trade. It's therefore up to the trader to use good exit techniques (like trading multiple contracts, trailing stops, etc) to optimize his exits as well as possible.

SSL Channel Trader Statistics

5. Alerts & Signals

The indicator provides the following trading  signals

5.1 Trend reversal signal

Trend reversal signal

This signal gets indicated by a red or blue R (depending on the trend) and occurs when a potential trend reversal occurs. 

5.2 Pullback signal

pullback in the trend signal

This signal  gets indicated by a green PB and occurs when the price pulls back and closes inside the channel and then closes outside the channel

Both signals are shown on the chart in real-time and can give ninja trader alerts


6. Paint bars

Of course, you have the option to paint the candles in the color of the trend. 

The colors can be changed to your own liking

SSL Channel Paintbars

7. Plots for automated strategies

The indicator exposes a Signal plot for people who want to build their own automated strategy based on this indicator. The signal plot can be used from ninja script, the strategy builder, and/or tools like Bloodhound

The values for the Trend plot are:

  • -1 trend is bearish
  • +1 trend is bullish

The values for the Signal plot are

  • -1 bearish trend reversal signal
  • +1 bullish trend reversal signal
  • -2 bearish pullback signal
  • +2 bullish  pullback signal 

 Furthermore, the indicator also exposes the following plots for use in bloodhound:

  • ReversalLong
  • ReversalShort
  • PullbackLong
  • PullbackShort

8. Features

  • Trend following
  • Plots a channel based on the candle high and lows of 2 moving averages.
  • Choose between 13 types of moving average
  • Wide the channel based on the ATR and multiplier
  • Statistics showing win rate, profit factor and more for each setup
  • Draws the max. potential profit targets for each reversal
  • Paint bars
  • Reversal signals
  • Pullback signals
  • Plots for strategy builders
  • Alerts
  • Supports Bloodhound
  • Works on any time frame
  • Works on any market (futures, crypto, stock, options)
  • Works with any bar type (time, Renko, tick, volume, range,..)
  • Works with any NinjaTrader version 

9. Changelog

28-may-2022 v1.0.11

  • small bugfix

12-dec-2021 v1.0.10

  • added extra plots for bloodhound

18-July-2021 v1.0.0.9

  • added option to show/hide pullbacks and/or reversals
  • previous reversal trade now gets closed when a new reversal signal appears
  • improved statistics

14-may-2021 v1.0.0.8

  • changed default moving average type to VWMA
  • Added target lines to show the potential profit one could make on reversals

14-may-2021 v1.0.0.7

  • fixed bug with statistics

13-may-2021 v1.0.0.6

  • fixed issue that turning on/off pullback signals did not work

01-may-2021 v1.0.0.5

  • released the first version


11. Media

SSL Channel Indicator

SSL Channel Indicator

SSL Channel indicator