Manual / Visual Strategy Backtester

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1. Overview

The Manual or visual Backtest indicator allows you to manually backtest any strategy by simply marking the trades on the chart. Use the included custom-made trade drawing tool to mark each trade on the chart and the indicator will provide real-time results for each trade and also plot all the important backtesting statistics you need.


2. Simply mark your trades on the chart

The indicator comes with a custom drawing tool that allows you to simply 'draw' your trade as you would draw a normal line. Todo so select the TDU Trade from the drawing tools menu and then draw a line from your stop-loss -> entry -> exit. See gif below

 Draw trades using custom drawing tool

3. Get real-time Backtest trading statistics

The indicator will plot a statistics panel on the chart which gets updated in real-time when you add/delete/modify your trades. The statistics panel shows all the important trading metrics to give you a clear insight into how well the strategy you are backtesting performs.

Ninjatrader manual backtester statistics

4. Real-time results for each trade 

The indicator plot the PnL in both $ and ticks together with the risk /reward for each trade you mark on the chart. 

Realtime trade statistics

5. Load/Save backtest sessions

With the Load/Save buttons you can save your current backtesting sessions to a file and continue backtesting later.  This is especially helpful if you want to do a large backtest. You can spread the work over multiple days by saving your work and continue backtesting later on by simply re-loading the sessions again.

Load and save Backtesting sessions

6. Features

  • The easiest and quickest way to backtest your strategies
  • No coding required
  • Manually / Visually backtest your strategies
  • Easily mark trades on the chart using our custom trade drawing tool
  • Set # of contracts / trade
  • Supports multiple targets
  • Plots backtest trading statistics in real-time
  • Plots risk reward & PnL for each trade in real-time on the chart
  • Load/Save backtesting sessions
  • Works with for any market
  • Works with for any timeframe
  • Works for with any bar type
  • Works with all NinjaTrader versions

7. Changelog

6-Juli-2021 v1.0.0.5

  • Snap prices to ticks

26-June-2021 v1.0.0.3

  • Added separate drawing tools for short & long trades
  • Addd default / initial stoploss

23-June-2021 v1.0.0.2

  • added loading/saving backtesting session
  • added custom drawing tool to easily draw new trades.
  • added option to specify # of contracts for each trade.

22-June-2021 v1.0.0.1

  • released

8. Terms

All our indicators and packages come with

  • a one-time fee only
  • lifetime license for 1 pc (we offer 20% discount for 2nd licenses)
  • includes free future updates

We also offer a 100% free 5-day trial of all our indicators allowing you to test our software before you decide to invest in it. Since you are able to test all our software before buying it all sales are final and non-refundable


9. Media

Ninjatrader manual backtesterNinjatrader manual backtester