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1. Overview

NInjaTrader's Market replay.. just s**cks 

Have you ever tried to use the market replay feature of NInjaTrader? Then I'm sure you found it not very user-friendly. First, you need to download the market data, which you can only download 1 day at a time, and then when you go to playback mode it's just not very user-friendly and easy to do backtesting. This is why most NinjaTrader users give up on backtesting, it is just too much work. But surely. there must be a way to do this faster and more easily right?


Bar Replay makes backtesting fun again

Meet our Bar replay indicator. The ONLY indicator for Ninjatrader which makes backtesting fun again. No need anymore to download any data, no need to switch to a different playback connection. Quickly go to the next or previous bar(s) and place orders like you are used to.

But.. there is more... the indicator gives you ALL the important metrics or all trades you make. In real-time!

Practice your trading and improve your trading

Like they say. practice makes perfect and the bar replay indicator is perfect for practicing. When compared with NinjaTrader market replay it's so much faster and easier to use that practicing becomes fun to do. You will improve your entries and exits, and gain more screentime and experience with every practice session you do


Loading & Saving trades to disk

Using our drop-down menu you can load & save your trades to disk. This allows you to do some backtesting, save your trades and then continue where you left on the next day by simple loading your trades from disk again 


Ninjtrader 8 bar replay indicator




2. Settings

Ninjatrader 8 bar replay indicator settings

The bar replay indicator offers various settings which you can change to your liking. You can see all the settings in the screenshot above.

You can

  • choose to show or hide any of the trade metrics 
  • enter the coordinates where the trade statistics panel should be shown
  • choose where you want to dock the order panel
  • Choose how wide the chart trader should be 
  • setup the initial stop loss & target (both in ticks)
  • And set up the commissions you normally pay to your broker for a single trade


3. Order panel

Bar replay order panel

The order panel is very minimal but very user-friendly which allows you to quickly

  • open and close trades and add on to trades
  • specify the number of contracts to trade
  • Advance to the next bar with the > button
  • fast forward x bars (user-defined) with the >> button
  • go back 1 bar with the < button
  • fast backward x bars (user-defined) with the << button
  • goto specific time
  • Buy/sell on bar close
  • Buy/Sell chart which allows you to set limit/stop orders

 Using these buttons you can quickly advance from one bar to the next bar and open or close trades as you would normally trade.

4. Trade Statistics

Realtime trading statistics for the bar replay indicator for ninjatrader 8

The trade statistics will show you the cumulative trading result from all your trades. 

Every time you make a trade the trade statistics window will update and show your performance. All essential metrics like winners, losers, win ratio, profit factor, and drawdown are displayed and updated instantly. This way you get perfect insights into your performance and if you have found that edge in the market.



Single trade


Besides showing all the cumulative results from all your trades, we also display each trade individually. For each trade the indicator can show:

  • Your target in ticks, dollars, and risk/reward
  • Your stop loss in ticks and dollars
  • Number of contracts traded
  • Whether the trade was a winner or a loser.

Of course, all metrics will be updated in real-time while trading, and within the settings, you can turn on/off each of these metrics in case you want to hide some of these numbers.

6. Loading & saving trades

Using our dropdown menu you can quickly change any important indicator settings and save your work to disk. That way you can continue your backtesting at another time by just loading in your saved trades and continuing where you left

Bar replay menu

7. Features

  • The only bar-by-bar replay indicator available for NinjaTrader 8
  • Manually practice and test your trading strategies
  • Place trades using our custom order panel
  • Allows you to add on to trades
  • Buy/Sell close (+/- user-defined number of ticks)
  • Buy/Sell on the chart (stop/limit orders)
  • Fast forward / backward x bars
  • Fast forward / backward to a specific time
  • set number of contracts to trade
  • add to existing trades (scalp + runners)
  • Realtime trading statistics on your trading performance
  • Load/Save trades from/to disk
  • the user-friendly dropdown menu to quickly change any indicator setting
  • Works on any timeframe, market- and bar type
  • Works with any NinjaTrader version 

8. Changelog

23 October 2022 v1.0.0.4

  • small fixes

16 October 2022 v1.0.0.3

  • added option to add to trades
  • added option to buy/sell +/- x ticks above/below previous candle
  • added option to buy/sell on the chart (limit/stop orders)
  • added option to goto to a specific time
  • added option to specify # of contracts to trade

10 October 2022 v1.0.0.1

  • initial release

9. Terms

All our indicators and packages come with

  • a one-time fee only
  • lifetime license for 1 pc (we offer 20% discount for 2nd licenses)
  • includes free future updates

We also offer a 100% free 5-day trial of all our indicators allowing you to test our software before you decide to invest in it. Since you are able to test all our software before buying it all sales are final and non-refundable


10. Media

Ninjtrader 8 bar replay indicatorNinjtrader 8 bar replay indicatorNinjtrader 8 bar replay indicator