Skeffs live trading room

Join 15 year trading veteran Mike Skeffington live trading room and see how trading is done

🚀 Real-Time Action:
Mike's trading live, no BS! See the trades Mike's taking in real-time

🕗 Opening times
Live Trading Room is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 09:20-11:30
However traders can expect far more time than that in an average week. In addition, many of Mike’s sessions will be aired regularly for many more hours and more insight which would include London and the NY Pre Market. Sessions and schedule changes will be announced direct to members in the VIP room

📺 Live Streaming and open-mic:
All sessions are live streamed via zoom and the mic is open for anyone who has a question or wants to comment.

📈 Multiple markets:
Mike's trades ES, NQ and CL.

🔓 No Secrets:
Mike spills the beans on every trade – entries, risk management, and target tweaking. It's like trading with your cool, experienced buddy. Got questions ? Mike will explain all trades and answer your questions

💲Strategies traded
- Momentum based Scalping
- Hyper Scalping
- Swing Trading
- Candlestick Pattern trading

🪄 TradeDevils Magic: 
Mike is using the many products from Trade Devils Indicators.
From market context to exit Mike will feature Renko Charts/Tick Charts/Footprint Charts not to mention extensive automated entries using the Order flow Footprint Trader!  

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Some live trades taken in our traderoom

Customer reviews

I just had my best NQ trading day ever and I want to give a shout-out to Trade Devils and Mike Skeffington in his V.I.P. room. I’ve gained a boatload of knowledge and skills from Skeff in the 2 months since I joined the room, and I’ve finally made the turn toward consistent profitability.
Skeff has a number of trade plans and setups that he teaches and I’ve learned to use those plans to adapt to changing market conditions, something nobody ever taught me before in a way that makes sense.
He also proves by example that his high-probability approach does indeed work and that small setbacks are to be taken as inspiration to keep on plan and not stray. I’ve never before worked with a mentor who takes such responsibility for the growth of his room members. His energy is infectious, and in combination with the Trade Devils tools and indicators anybody who is serious about trading can get an edge that will pay off exponentially. I’m grateful to Mike and the awesome Trade Devils team.

Ken L.

Michael Skeffington (“Skeff”) is a lot more than a trading room leader. I don’t know what is driving him to want to mentor and coach others, but he goes all-in on helping the traders who join his room as if his own success depends on theirs.
I’ve been absolutely blown away with Skeff’s generosity with his time and energetic market analysis. After my first session, I put up a recording I made of the old jazz standard “Blue Skies” as a tribute to the way that trading with Skeff made me feel a lot happier about trading.
First of all, just having a group leader who actually cares how you do is a major breath of fresh air. Second, he’s fostered a very supportive group of traders, so you really feel like you have friends who care how you do and who are also willing to share some of their own techniques and approaches.It’s transformed trading from a very solitary pursuit to something like a team sport. Maybe like a tribe of hunters all helping each other angle for the score.
Further, Skeff’s use of the Trade Devils indicators is vast and deep. He couples his explanation of how they’re helping him in his analysis with an ongoing monologue that keeps me connected to what’s going on in the market and able to do a longer session without nearly as much burnout.Sometimes, I take the same or similar trades as him. Sometimes, I take trades based on my own analysis that is also benefitting from his in the moment.I’ve had some very rough emotions around trading, and Skeff’s input has been instrumental in keeping me in the game. He’s been through it all and come out a success.
So he’s an inspiration and an active sounding board for getting through some of the bad habits and hangups I’ve acquired. And I’ve benefitted from hearing him help others like that too.
I highly recommend you to you join the room. It’s unreal that you can get this kind of support in such a high-leverage activity as futures trading for a price like this. Grab it.

Aaron N.

The TDU VIP room is a room for like minded trader using the trade devils indicators. Skeff has been a tremendous lead for the VIP room.
Skeff gives 100% effort regardless if he has good or bad day. He’ll lead us during morning session, afternoon session and occasionally the London session. I am amazed at the amount of time he put in to leading us and teaching us the TDU tools.
I have learned greatly with the fundamentals of market structure, risk management and the usage of the TDU tools (footprint, TMA scalper band, autofib , measure moves, devils edge and etc)
Skeff makes full use the arsenal of indicators from Trade Devils. His knowledge of the Trade Devils indicators is second to none. I highly recommend the VIP room if anyone is interested in learning trading from Skeff.


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