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The automated PATS strategy allows you to create your own PATS trading bot. It comes with many settings that you can tweak to your own liking. The bot can take trades at 2nd entries with the trend or at user-defined key entry points (trend channels/trendlines/ranges) and can also trade traps

Using its advanced positing sizing it will calculate the number of contracts to open for each trade while always risking the same amount of money on every trade. You can define your own ATM strategies with multiple scalps and multiple runners, each having its own unique trailing stop, take profit, break-even techniques, and settings 


Advanced ATM

Our custom build ATM allows you to create ATM strategies that were not possible before. You can choose multiple position sizing, stop loss strategies, break-even, trailing stops- and take profit strategies. Some of the highlights:

  • Advanced position sizing. Base your position on fixed # of contracts, fixed # of capital risked, or a % of your trading capital
  • Set the initial stop loss based on ticks, $ dollars, ATR, or pivots/signalbar
  • Move your stop to break even after a certain number of ticks, dollars, or risk/reward
  • Trail your stop using the ATR, a moving average, a Parabolic SAR, the previous candle hi/lo, or a fib % percentage
  • Take profit at a fixed number of ticks, or dollars, at a certain risk-reward, after x bars 
  • Have scalps and one or multiple runners, optionally each with their own different trailing stop loss and break-even settings

Trade 2nd Entries and traps

The automated bot can trade 2nd entries and/or traps. You decide what you want to trade. Of course, you can combine this with the advanced position sizing so you trade the max. number of contracts while risking the same $ amount for every trade

Daily PnL filter

Automatically stops trading when your max. daily loss and/or max daily profit has been reached

Date / Time Filter

The Date/Time filter allows you to specify which time and days the strategy is allowed to trade


HI/LO NYSE TICK entry filter

Many traders use the NYSE TICK to time their entry. They only take a long trade when the TICK is below -400 and a short trade when the tick is above +400. The TICK entry filter allows you to do the same with this strategy. When enabled it will wait for a normal trade setup (2nd entry or trap) but instead of opening it right away. It will only take it when there's a high/low TICK.  


All PATS indicator settings/filters available

You can change any of the PATS indicator settings like signal bar filters, session filters or only take trades at the key entry points


Trend filter to only take trades with the trend

You can enable the trend filter to filter out any counter-trend trades. When enabled the strategy will only take trades with the trend