Orderflow Pro Trading Package

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The Orderflow Pro Trading Package is our complete trading solution for any professional order flow trader. It's the exact workspace we trade and use ourselves every day in the market.   It comes with 4 professional order flow indicators, with chart templatesAll organized in a clear and logical order to get an excellent overview of the markets in different timeframes. 



  • 4 professional indicators designed for professional order flow traders
  • complete chart templates we use and trade ourselves every day
  • extensive video's explaining each indicator
  • Total value $896,- But you get it for $695,-

 Order Flow Trading Package


Delta Volume Swing Indicator ($399)

The delta volume swing indicator shows the total and delta volume traded in each price swing together with the volume profile for each price swing. Besides this, it also plots the delta volume % per bar and supplies various trading signals and alerts. It can be used by Wyckoff traders to get a really clear indication of when volume imbalances occur and when a potential trend reversal or breakout is about to happen. The delta volume wave indicator provides real-time signals and alerts and shows you where the buyers and sellers are

Delta Volume Swing Indicator


Cumulative Delta Volume Histogram indicator ($149)

The Cumulative Delta Volume Swing indicator is the ONLY indicator that shows you how delta volume is building up inside each price swing. All other order flow indicators completely ignore the fact that the market moves in up and down swings. They only tell you the delta volume traded per bar. By only looking at the delta volume per bar you miss the much bigger picture of how volume is traded per swing.  

Our Cumulative Delta Volume Swing indicator will show you how the delta volume is building up inside each price swing. Todo this it detects each price up/downswing. Each price swing detected is marked by a green or red background.

Cumulative Delta Volume Indicator ($149)

The Cumulative delta volume indicator shows the cumulative delta volume traded over a user-defined period. The delta volume is the difference between the buy and the sells. When the delta volume is positive it means that there are more buyers in the market than sellers and vice versa. 

The cumulative delta indicator can be used as a simple but efficient confirmation of the uptrend/downtrend. When price makes a pullback in a trend but cumulative delta stays strong then we have more confidence that the trend will continue after the pullback

It can also be used to determine if a trend is losing steam and about the end. When the price in an uptrend is continuing to go higher, but the cumulative delta volume is declining then it's like that the trend will end soon

Market Profile and Volume Profile indicator ($249)

This indicator displays both the  Market Profile / TPO Profile and Volume Profile for each session. It's packed with features and allows users to fully configure it to their liking. It supports displaying the profile as letters or blocks. Supports both unsplit and split profiles and shows all the important levels like the point of control, value area high/low, opening range, initial balance.