Michael's live trading room

Join 16 year trading veteran Michael Black and learn how to master orderflow

🚀 Real-Time Action:
Live trading, no BS! See the trades Michaels taking in real-time

🕗 Opening times
Live Trading Room is open  from 9am - 11am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

📺 Live Streaming :
All sessions are live streamed via zoom.
Chat is open for anyone who has a question or wants to comment.

📈 Multiple markets:
Mike's trades ES, GC, CL and sometimes forex futures.

🔓 No Secrets:
Michael spills the beans on every trade – entries, risk management, and target tweaking. It's like trading with your cool, experienced buddy. Got questions ? Michael will explain all trades and answer your questions

💲Strategies traded
- Orderflow / footprint / Support & Resistance / Momentum

🪄 TradeDevils Magic: 
Michael will be using the following Trade Devils Indicators in his live room
 - footprint indicator
-  initial balance  indicator
-  big round numbers  indicator
-  big trades  indicator
-  mcginley river  indicator
- SMC Market structure indicator

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